Traditional Native Leadership: The 10 Scrolls

Indigenous leadership on Turtle Island has long been forced to follow the model imposed on tribes by the Euro-centric ways that now dominate North America. Native peoples want to take back and utilize their own traditional styles of governance so they may heal themselves and thrive as the future unfolds. Traditional Native Leadership: The 10 Scrolls is the wonderful story of how this may take place.

Join Maggie, Jim, Toby, Nina and Grandfather as they walk their own healing and learning journeys with help from mysterious Elders from the place of the Wisdomkeepers. As the story unfolds, these Elders visit, offer ceremonies and present teachings summarized on 10 birchbark scrolls. By studying these scrolls alone and in community Circles, the
principles, laws and values of traditional indigenous healing and leadership are revealed.

This book is a delightful story as well as a place to read, study and learn what’s on the Scrolls. It’s a page-turner to give individuals and whole communities the skills to take the next step in traditional recovery and selfgovernance. Order your copy today!

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